Press Releases
Swiftway Announces Content Delivery Network (CDN) Services25 April 2011

Swiftway, a leading provider of dedicated servers and colocation, today announced the availability of high-quality content delivery network (CDN) services to its dedicated server and enterprise customers. This marks Swiftway’s entry into the CDN market and will enable the company to offer customers industry-leading solutions for the delivery of media content and innovative applications. The Swiftway CDN service is designed to improve web site performance by reducing physical distance between the server and end user. This approach promises an increased throughput and performance, ensuring that content requested by end users is constantly served by the server that will perform best for the end user. This CDN enables users to watch a movie, listen to music or download a software package from the Internet faster and better than before. Customers of the Swiftway CDN should see improved global performance over other hosting solutions thanks to the delivery of static user content from servers in various points of presence, spread over North America and Europe. "We are planning to expand our CDN operations to Asia within a month.” said Rafal Glowacki, the senior engineer in charge of Swiftway’s CDN. "We benefit from Swiftway’s multiple datacenter locations and partnerships with other Content Providers, since they offer the reliability and performance needed to increase our CDN locations rapidly and on demand". In addition to performance improvements seen directly in the user experience, customers of the Swiftway content delivery network should experience a number of other advantages over traditional hosting. This includes decreased load on dedicated servers and improved rankings with search engines like Google. Several search engines have specifically named site performance as an important aspect of calculating a website rank within the search engine. About Swiftway Swiftway is a leading premium provider of turn-key internet services based in Europe. Swiftway has leased data center space located in Europe, Asia and the USA and owns and operates three independent AS networks connected to several providers, carriers and peers, allowing Swiftway to offer complete end-to-end monitoring of the network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company has been in continuous operation since 2005 and offers its services to demanding firms in over 50 countries the world over.