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Leading CDN and business dedicated server provider expands to New ...07 July 2011

Premium dedicated server and CDN provider Swiftway ( announced on the 7th of July 2011 its plans to expand their USA business into New York City, USA. With this expansion, Swiftway will have access to an additional 2300 m2 of datacenter floor space and over 3 MW of capacity. This expansion represents space and power for up to 18 000 state of the art, high end servers. The deal indicates that Swiftway is following their a „buy now, build later” strategy in expanding its datacenter infrastructure. Swiftway is leasing data center space to meet its short term needs while it ramps up its own data center construction program. Swiftway is currently preparing plans to build its first fully owned data center in Europe. The New York facility is expected to be available from September 2011, and that is not soon enough to keep pace with the growth of Swiftway, as Swiftway is currently one of the fastest growing CDN and dedicated server providers worldwide. The company's managing director, Alexander Bninski, said the deal has great potential for further growth in the US market. “The New York datacenter will not only play a key role in expanding our network to meet the demands of present and future clients of our core business, but it is also a perfect location to connect to the NYIIX the New York International Internet Exchange.” Swiftway continues to look for additional Plug and Play datacenter space which will allow us to deliver the quality and value that has built our reputation. Plug and Play data centers offer finished raised-floor data center space, cooling, power and connections to major carriers of Internet traffic. This shifts the data center development costs from the tenant to the landlord. This strategy allows for quicker deployment than when the customer built a new facility on its own. "“We are delighted to expand in the USA as we recognize the value and importance of this market,” " said Remon Akkermans, Vice President in charge of Strategy and Development „Plug and play datacenters are the perfect compromise at this stage of our growth." After New York, Swiftway plans to open another POP this year. About Swiftway Swiftway is a leading premium provider of turn-key internet services based in Europe. Swiftway has leased data center space located in Europe, Asia and the USA and owns and operates three independent AS networks connected to several providers, carriers and peers, allowing Swiftway to offer complete end-to-end monitoring of the network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The company has been in continuous operation since 2005 and offers its services to demanding firms in over 60 countries the world over.