Press Releases
Swiftway Announces Content Delivery Network (CDN) Services25 April 2011

Swiftway, a leading provider of dedicated servers and colocation, today announced the availability of high-quality content delivery network (CDN) services to its dedicated server and enterprise customers. This marks Swiftway’s entry into the CDN market and will enable the company to offer customers industry-leading solutions for the delivery of media content and innovative applications.

The Swiftway CDN service is designed to improve web site performance by reducing physical distance between the server and end user. This approach promises an increased throughput and performance, ensuring that content requested by end users is constantly served by the server that will perform best ...

Premium business ICT provider expands to Chicago15 February 2011

Premium business provider Swiftway ( announced on the 15th February 2011 its plans to expand their USA business into Chicago, Illinois, USA.

With this expansion, Swiftway will have access to an additional 1500 m2 (16,000 square feet) of datacenter floor space and over 1.5 MW of capacity. This expansion represents space and power for up to 12 000 state of the art, high end servers.

The deal indicates that Swiftway is pursuing a „buy now, build later” strategy in expanding its datacenter infrastructure. Swiftway is leasing data center space to meet its short term needs while it ramps up its ...