Swiftway Care ( Panel for Clients )

    Manage all your server
    operations in one place

    SwiftCare Panel allows you to manage your own services and gives you many other useful possibilities such us: check sensors, check plugged hardware, boot rescueCD or other ISO.
    Below is a short overview of SwiftCare Panel.

    SwiftCare Advantages

    Intuitive interface
    Intuitive Interface
    Continuous development
    Continuous Development

    Manage your own Services

    Many options in the Swiftway Panel allow you to: automatic installation of the Operating System on your server with the minimum use of human resources, power management of your machine, use the console to real-time view of your server (it works just like a monitor on your PC) and to monitor traffic flow on the diagrams.

    Billing control

    You are able to view and check the selected invoice and save it as a PDF document, quickly see the details of your payment and check transaction history. You also have ability to make online payments via PayPal, Skrill and offline payments via bank transfer.

    Manage your Networks

    You have the ability to block IP or IP range while your server is under attack and change dns records by yourself.

    Review your Orders

    You can quickly see the details of your order placed with Swiftway. We do our best to deliver your service as soon as possible. Here you can track the status of your order.

    SwiftCare Features

    • Automatic Operating System Installation
    • Power Management
    • Traffic Flow Diagrams
    • DNS server
    • Ordering and access to services
    • Orders Review
    • Account Settings
    • 24/7 Support
    • Invoice History and Details
    • Online Payments
    • Payment History
    • Transaction History
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